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every-word-counts-in-ielts-readingWhen I start working with IELTS students on their IELTS reading I often find that they spend a lot of time on the passages and only read through the questions quickly before rushing off to find the answers. This strategy is the wrong way around.

Much of the content of the reading passages is irrelevant for the questions and so it is important that you find ONLY that information that will answer them. The way to do this is to spend more time analysing the questions – word for word – so that you know EXACTLY what the question is asking you for.

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ielts-reading-tipsStudents often ask me how to improve their reading and although there are several techniques that I teach and help students to perfect, the one thing that always makes a difference is the use of Keywords.

Key words help you to locate the place in the text where the answer lies AND to pick out EXACTLY which part of this group of sentences is the one that you need for the correct answer.

Finding the place in the text is the first part of your task and the Keywords that you need to do this are ‘Location’ Keywords. These will typically be numbers, dates, names from the texts, nouns which describe the topic, specific phrases that are about the topic – they will all contain content related to the theme of the text. By using these keywords you should be able to locate the place you need to answer the question.

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IELTS Reading can often be an area that poses great challenges for students. On the one hand there are a lot of questions to complete and the texts themselves can be quite difficult and on the other there is a time constraint which can at best add some stress to the exam and at worst, cause students to panic.

The key, as with everything in IELTS, is to be well prepared. Knowing all the techniques is important but unless you practice these they won’t help you a lot. ‘Reading about’ is not the same as ‘being able to do’.

Here are 5 things that you must get good at in order to do well in IELTS reading

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ielts-readingOne thing to realise about IELTS reading is that it is not simply a test of comprehension.  It is more to do with study skills and extracting specific information than meaning. If you think of it in these terms then it will be easier to approach.

The technique you need for the reading is the same you would use if you were looking for the telephone number of someone in a large telephone directory i.e. looking for a small amount of information in a large body of text. The key to this process is that you DO NOT READ THE WHOLE TEXT just as you would not read every name in the telephone book to find the one you are searching for.

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