IELTS Speaking Tips

ielts-speakingStudents often tell me that they worry about Part 2 in the IELTS speaking exam because they don’t have enough to say. The key, as with everything in IELTS, is more practice. Make sure that you get good at this part – don’t worry about it.

Here are some ideas for practising this part of the speaking test. I’ve used these with students and they really make a big difference.

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ielts-speaking-tipThe IELTS speaking exam is the one place where you have control so make sure you are confident enough to take advantage of this and score a high band.

The examiner will feed you the questions but you must take the opportunity to use this part of the test to really show what you can really do in English.

Students often worry about the speaking test because they don’t know what answers the examiner expects. I used to be an examiner and I can tell you that when I did IELTS speaking tests, I knew exactly what the questions were that I had to ask but I NEVER had any idea about the answers. I was only looking for good, sensible and interesting answers from the candidate.

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improve-ielts-speakingAs with reading and writing, these two skills are linked.

You can use language from your listening practice to help with your speaking and vice versa.

The more you practice the speaking the more you will be able to pick up on the listening.

  • Can you think about examples of issues you have with either of these skills?
  • How have you been preparing for these papers?

Whenever you are listening to English if you find useful expressions and words write them down so that you can use them in your speaking. Don’t restrict your practice to text books, IELTS or otherwise, what you really need is exposure to authentic language. Continue reading

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