Twelve Top Tips for IELTS

Just two days left of the Christmas Season – it’s all gone so fast! Today is tinged with sadness as the festival that we prepared so long for, that we looked forward to for several weeks is now almost over and we will have to wait another whole year for it to come around again (some will be happy about this :-))! We make our last batch of mince pies, take a last look at the tree and its lights and baubles. Tomorrow will be the very last day to celebrate, then we will put it all away.

Still, we can continue to enjoy a relaxing day with Christmas food, friends and family and even more Christmas TV!! Perhaps tomorrow is a working day and then we will be packing up everything until next year or, for some, Twelfth Night parties will be held today or tomorrow.

Today is the eleventh day of Christmas; here is another thing you need to do to achieve a good mark in the speaking exam.

When working with students on IELTS speaking I usually find that Part 2 is the part that will make or break the final score. This a chance for you to speak without interruption and really make an impression on the examiner.

You need to make sure your ‘little talk’ is organised (this is why you are given a series of questions – to help you create a beginning, middle and end) and also that it is interesting, fluent and uses good language. Unlike the writing your speaking is spontaneous and there is only a little time to prepare. If you think too much you won’t be fluent, if you search for words you won’t communicate well so your focus MUST be on the story you are telling and not on things like vocabulary and grammar. Tell your story and trust that the language will come. If your speaking is around band 7 then this will probably happen -if it isn’t then it’s really important to get your speaking up to the band first or you will struggle to perform well.

This is where the right practice comes in – like everything else in IELTS knowing about isn’t enough – language skills can ONLY be improved by practice. You wouldn’t try to drive a car after just reading a manual and this is the same – skills need first to be learned and then practised and the more you practise the better you will become. BUT, if you don’t practise correctly you will not be able to achieve a good level.

As a former examiner I have examined on many speaking tests and I know what you have to do to maximise your score. Now I want to help you to improve your speaking and other IELTS skills.

To do this I need to know more about your IELTS and so I am setting aside some time in January and I would love you to take one of these calls so I can help you see how you can be supported in your IELTS practice.

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I will be giving a special IELTS Christmas gift to everyone who completes the questionnaire and books a Skype call.


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