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Today is the fifth day of the Christmas season and as it’s Friday many people will have already gone back to work – but not for long as another public holiday is only 3 days away! For those lucky enough to have the whole season off there is more festive cheer around in the shops – the sales have begun – and also more friends and family to celebrate with!


On this fifth day of Christmas, I want to give you more advice about something you really need to do well in IELTS Reading to get a high band.

Sometimes students tell me that their score in reading can vary a lot from one test to another. One day they will get 34/40 and the next only 25/40 – this seems strange. In actual fact it isn’t strange at all!

One question I always ask my students when I begin working with them is whether there are any types of question that they find challenging. Most people say YNNG or Headings or sometimes MCQ. I have seen tests that contained a YNNG or TFNG exercise in each reading section – that can be 15 questions so if this is a question type that you are not very good at it can, of course, affect your score massively. To have a band 7 or 8 in reading you can only afford to miss a few questions – this is the reality. Therefore the key to making sure you achieve a high band score is to be good at all types of question.

In my training I do this; we cover every type of exercise and make sure that you know and can use the techniques that go with each type. I’ve seen students who can do this fly through the reading very quickly – they know exactly what to look for and their scanning and skimming techniques are really fast – they can complete a passage in 15 minutes. Imagine what that means in the exam. Time to check the questions you are not sure about and make sure that your spelling and grammar are absolutely right – this is band 8 work.

To see if I can help you to get your band 7 and 8 I’m setting up Exam Support calls at the beginning of January where you can meet me personally on Skype and look at the possibility of working with me and my team for the next 5 or 12 weeks to make sure you are really ready for your IELTS band 7 or 8 score.

To get one of these Skype appointments you need to complete this questionnaire:


I will be giving a special IELTS Christmas gift but you have to complete the questionnaire first and book a call with me.


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