Twelve Top Tips for IELTS

Today is the ninth day of Christmas. Celebrations are now going on and many people also take the time today to consider their New Year resolutions. I’ve made one about helping even more people in 2018 to get the IELTS result they want. I have written several IELTS programmes and the results so far are excellent – so if you want your high bands in 2018 read on – it will be useful to you.


Today is the ninth day of Christmas; I want to share one final piece of advice about the IELTS writing exam that you need to consider if you want a high band.

When you make your New Year resolutions this year and if getting IELTS is one of them – make your resolutions more specific. Getting your IELTS is not really compelling enough; you need to break it down. Look at the areas in IELTS that are still not at the right level and make resolutions around them. This could be increasing your score in reading and listening by 3 points for example and then look at what steps you need to take to be able to do this. Or it might be finding speaking partners to practise on Skype with – how can you do this?(I might be able to help) One of the best things you can do for your IELTS writing is to perfect your planning.

Many students just don’t plan – they let the ideas flow. If you use this method then I have to tell you that it really doesn’t work. You cannot focus on ideas and really good language at the same time unless you are a native, or almost native, speaker and even then I doubt whether it would work well. If I write a model task I will spend some time planning this so that it fits the IELTS criteria.

Planning does three things that will transform your writing:

  1. It helps to get your ideas out of the way before you begin to write so you can focus on language (remember IELTS is a test of English language)
  2. It helps you to write more accurately and grammatically paying attention to your vocabulary, sentence structure and linking words without being distracted by ideas
  3. It helps you write more efficiently and quickly leaving you time at the end to check

IELTS writing is not creative in fact it is quite formulaic and to create this formula you need to have a good outline.

Planning is the best thing you can do for your writing and I know how to do this and can teach you how to do it easily and effectively.

Conquer your IELTS writing ‘once and for all’ in 2018! I want to offer you the chance to work with me and my team in January.

I am setting aside some days during the beginning of 2018 to speak to you about getting the help you need to get the IELTS score you want.

To get one of these Skype appointments you need to complete this questionnaire:


I will be giving a special IELTS Christmas gift for all those who complete the questionnaire and request a Skype call.


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