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Today is called Boxing Day! A funny name and it has nothing to do with boxing! Christmas boxes are gifts of money that were (and still are sometimes) given to people who help us year round – the postman, the milkman or other tradesmen. Traditionally this was the day that they would receive these gifts.



On this second day of Christmas, I want to give you a second thing you can do to improve your listening.

Before you begin to listen, you are given some time to check the questions. Everything in the IELTS exam is done for a reason and this time is given to you because it will help you to get the answers better. Do you know how to use this time well? Do you use this time to read the questions, or do you spend your time just looking at your previous answers?

It is important to know how to use this time to make sure that you are ready when the answer comes.

Let me tell you how – you need to underline the key word in the sentence that will anticipate the answer – just one. If you underline too many words you will only get confused. Look at the answer you are being asked for and then find the one word in the question that will signal this information. That’s the word you need to listen for.

This is just one of the skills we teach on our IELTS courses. You need to get really good at using this time well so that you can make sure you don’t miss an answer.

If you are looking for a band 7 or 8 in listening you cannot afford to miss many answers and you need to use everything you can to maximise your score. By learning how to use every minute of the test well you can make sure that you don’t panic, you wait patiently for the answer to come and then calmly write it down correctly.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do this in every listening exercise by learning how to use this time? Well you can!

I want to help you achieve this and other skills and give you the chance to work with me and my team in January and make sure your IELTS is ready for band 7 and 8.

I am setting aside 5 days at the beginning of January to speak to you about getting the help you need to get the IELTS score you want.

To get one of these Skype appointments you need to complete this questionnaire:


I’m giving a special IELTS Christmas gift also – but first you have to complete the questionnaire to qualify for one of these Skype calls.


Berni xx

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