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Today is New Year’s Eve, the very last day of the year and one which is celebrated all across the world. Here in the UK people celebrate in different ways. For the people of Scotland they have a huge celebration – more important than Christmas – called Hogmanay. Others prefer to celebrate in clubs or pubs with friends and some at home with family. Whatever the celebration chosen you can be sure it will go on well into the early morning. One tradition that is common here in the north of England is called ‘first footing’. The first person to enter a house in the New Year is believed to bring the fortune of that house for the rest of the year. Usually it should be a man – tall and dark haired. To avoid any mistakes in this, the tallest and darkest man in the New Year celebration (in our house it will usually be my husband) goes outside just before midnight and will knock on the door on the strike of midnight and enter with a piece of coal. He is then given a drink of whisky in return. The coal is to guarantee heat in the home and he usually needs the whisky to get warm again!! This act secures luck for the coming year. One year our red-haired dog got in first and it was one of the worst years we ever had!!

On this seventh day of Christmas, I want to share something that you must do in writing in order to be sure you can get a high band score.

I have written a story above about a New Year’s Eve celebration. Stories are nice, they are interesting and they can be fun – BUT they are not suitable for IELTS writing.

IELTS writing must be more formal (in academic language – except for the GT letter), objective and clear. Stories are the opposite they are subjective, creative and paint pictures and they use lots of tenses. If you are writing stories in your IELTS tasks then you are stopping yourself from getting a high score.

I know how to teach you to write an objective, academic task. I also know what the examiner is looking for because I used to be an examiner myself. I have great skill in this area. One thing I can tell you and it’s important – writing takes time to develop so you have to be patient but it will develop a lot faster if you know what you have to write to secure your high band.

I want to help you achieve this important writing skill and give you the chance to work with me and my team in January and February to make sure your IELTS is ready for band 7 and 8.

I am setting aside time during early January to speak to you about getting the help you need to get the IELTS score you want.

To get one of these Skype appointments you need to complete this questionnaire:


I’m giving a special IELTS Christmas gift also – but you have to complete the questionnaire and qualify for one of these Skype calls.


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