Twelve Top Tips for IELTS

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas and the celebration of Twelfth Night. In the past this was a very big celebration with people feasting and partying well into the night. In other countries in Europe twelfth night and tomorrow January 6th (the feast of the 3 Kings) are big festivals but in the UK we have largely sacrificed this for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Tomorrow is the day to take the Christmas tree and all the other Christmas decorations down. Failure to do this results in bad luck for the year (so the tradition goes). So we are now at the end of Christmas for another year and after all the celebrations we settle down to our shiny New Year and begin all the great plans we have.

I hope that you have begun your great plans too and I’m sure that these will include your IELTS exam – is this the year to get the score you want and move on with your dreams?

On this, the twelfth and last day of Christmas I want to share my final tip of this Christmas series – something about the exam as a whole.

I hope that over the past 12 days you have learned something about the skills you need to perfect in order to gain a high IELTS band score in each part of the test. To be honest during these twelve days I have only been able to scratch the surface of the skills that you can work on to make sure that your IELTS is on track for bands 7 and 8. We haven’t talked about vocabulary or grammar, for example, which are also important.

My final piece of advice is don’t go it alone. Get some help and support. This could be from me and my team and I would love it if you can come and work with us online – if this isn’t for you then get another teacher or at least find a group of people who are also doing IELTS at your level  to work with. Doing it by yourself is a lonely journey; you have no-one to check things with, to ask questions from or to share your highs and lows as you prepare for the exam.

So to get help and support for your IELTS this January I am offering you a free IELTS Exam Support Skype call. In this call we can look at your IELTS, see what needs to happen to get you to your band score and then talk about how you can get this support if that is appropriate.

To get a call with me you must complete this questionnaire:


I will also be giving a special IELTS Christmas gift to everyone who completes the form and books a call.


I hope you have enjoyed this little journey through the Christmas Season. I can’t wait to speaking with you soon and find out more about you and your IELTS.


Berni xx

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