IELTS Band 7 and 8 Immersion Workshops

“One of the areas of my work with IELTS students that I most enjoy are the IELTS band 7 and 8 immersion workshops.”

Those students who have attended these workshops will tell you that this is a really unique experience where, not only do you have all-day training in IELTS, but also the chance to use English all day every day – which is important for fluency and moreover the chance to ask questions and make sure that you are clear on everything whenever you want during the day.

We will be in formal lessons for 6 hours each day writing IELTS tasks, looking at listening and reading as well as an enormous amount of speaking practice BUT we will spend almost 10 hours together in total each day which represents so much value in terms of language practice and really getting to understand exactly what you have to do to pass the exam with these high bands of 7 and 8.

You may be currently feeling that you don’t know what to do next, that you have so many books and websites that you are trying to complete but you are not sure if you are doing the right things, if you have the right materials or even if they are helping you to improve at all!

You may feel that you are making good progress only to find that in the exam you simply don’t get the results that you deserve for the amount of work you have done.

I want to tell you that it isn’t YOUR fault, you are not to blame – there is simply too much information and it is impossible to know which information is right and which is not going to help you.

If you type IELTS into Google thousands of links appear – how do you know the ones that will help you and the ones that will waste your time? You can’t even begin to decide this without looking at all these pages and how much time is that going to take you?

How would it feel then if someone who knows what they are doing were to take your hand and lead you through the whole ielts preparation process and show you exactly what you have to do in simple steps to reach band 7 or 8?

I’m sure that you will see that most IELTS trainers say the same things – the route to the exam is pretty simple – there are no magic bullets, no get IELTS quick formula, no books that will guarantee your success just simple, logical steps that will make sure that you get the score you want.

You don’t need any more information. You have all the information you need.

What you need to someone who knows what they are doing to show you what to do and how to do it. Once you know this then you will see that the process is actually very easy.

Notice I said the process is easy not the work. It will not be easy to get the level you want, you will have to study and practice a lot and sometimes you will feel as though nothing is improving but you have to trust this process and soon it will all become clear and on that day you will know exactly what to do and you will do it.

The process is the same or everyone whatever band you need. However the method of getting results can be very different.

This where taking my IELTS Band 7 and 8 Immersion Workshops come in.

You can discover the best process for achieving IELTS success by searching online and trying everything and you may eventually get to where you want to be but how long will that take?

Or you can choose to get the support, advice and teaching expertise for someone who has a long experienced of IELTS and can tell you exactly why you are not getting band 7 or 8 and show you how to change your practice to get to that band you want. This is a much quicker way of achieving your IELTS success.

Let me tell you a little about what you can expect on the IELTS Band 7 and 8 Workshop.

  • We start the day having breakfast together. This is a time to speak generally and improve your fluency and speaking skills
  • Every day you will do a session on each of the parts of the test and each day we will highlight one of them fir a more in-depth look
  • We will have lunch and dinner together for more chances to speak generally
  • You will give me writing every day for me to correct and I will go over this with you
  • I will also give you some homework to do
  • We will have some time to relax too and perhaps go out to the local town to another interesting place.

I’m sure that you can now see why I call it an ‘immersion’ workshop!

It is an opportunity to really focus on your IELTS practice for a whole week without any distractions or outside commitments.

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You are close to your exam and really want to make sure that you have everything in place
  • You are drowning under too much information and are not really sure if you are in the right place with your IELTS
  • If you are ready to really focus on IELTS and get all the help and support that you can to make sure you get your band

This workshop will NOT help you if:

  • You are looking for a ‘get-band-7-quick’ solution – such a thing does not exist
  • You want someone to ‘spoon feed’ you the practice and are not prepared to take responsibility for your own preparation – I cannot make you pass the exam you have to do this yourself
  • You are not really determined to get your result

So, avoid more failure and frustration and focus completely on your IELTS exam preparation with an expert there to support and guide you each day.

And what is this going to cost you?

10 hours of teacher time a day would need a large investment and the investment for this 1-week IELTS Band 7/8 immersion workshop is £1,500

BUT, I know that for you to come to the UK to take this course is already a large commitment.

You will need to travel

You may need to take time off work

So I really want ti make this possible for you.

The dates are: January 16th (arrive on the 15th) to the 21st (depart on the 22nd)

The workshop is for just 4 people and I already have 1 student who has said yes, Berni, count me in and has invested and booked a flight!

Will you be the next?

All students will be looking for band 7/8 and this is the level we will be working at so you will have the support of the other class members as well as me.

If you want to come on this workshop and be one of the lucky three then contact me or go here NOW and we can talk about it.

Email me:

Remember I have only 3 places 

This is a golden opportunity to get all the support you need and all my expertise as an IELTS trainer and firmer IELTS examiner in a very focused and concentrated way.

I love these workshops they are a place where I can share so much information and really help you in a powerful way to hone your IELTS skills and your English to get to the band that you really want.

I can’t wait to speak to you about the workshop so go here or contact me here:

I would LOVE you to be in my IELTS Band 7/8 Immersion Workshop in January.

Go here for more information or email me TODAY and we can talk about it.

I believe in YOU