Twelve Top Tips for IELTS

We are now half-way through our celebration and the end of the year is coming. Tomorrow is a special day in the Christmas holiday season and also for people all around the world. It’s the time when we say goodbye to 2017 and open our arms to 2018 and what it has to offer us. Today is the time to prepare for this second main celebration of the season. It means more shopping, more food preparation and more parties!!

It’s also a time to reflect – on what has happened in 2017 – then, learn from it, let it go and move forward into 2018 – could this be YOUR year for IELTS success?

On this sixth day of Christmas, I want to give you more advice about IELTS Reading.

In my experience, reading and writing are the two areas of IELTS that cause the most problems for students. It is therefore no surprise to find that these skills are closely related to each other. Understanding the process of writing will help you with your reading and understanding how sentences and paragraphs are put together in readning will help you with constructing your writing.

This is especially important when dealing with question types such as YNNG and TFNG as well as headings – certain words in the question and also in the text can give you a strong indication about the correct answers. These words are easy to spot but are very often overlooked. Being able to identify these words can help you to improve your score dramatically if reading is an area that you are struggling with. The other advantage is that it can also help you with your own IELTS writing too!

This is a skill we teach in all our IELTS training on reading. If you want to find support for your IELTS and make sure that you get the result that you want in 2017 and move on with your life and dreams for your future then you should consider taking our intensive IELTS training.

To see if I can support you in this I’m setting up Exam Support calls at the beginning of January where you can meet me on Skype and look at the possibility of working with me and my team in January and February to make sure you get really ready for your IELTS high band score.

To get one of these Skype appointments all you need to do is complete this questionnaire:


I also have a special Christmas gift to offer – but you have to complete the questionnaire first.


Berni xx

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